Front Strike Self-Defense



Front Strike Self-Defense is a branch of TBK Tactical, LLC.  TBK Tactical, which provides specialized investigative and tactical training to Law Enforcement, was formed January 2011 in Great Falls, Montana by CEO and lead instructor Tom Clarke.  Tom spent 20-years as a Police Officer working assignments such as Patrol, Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Gang Investigator, and Major Crimes Investigator to name a few.  The majority of his law enforcement career was spent as a Narcotics Investigator working cases at the municipal, state, and federal level, most of which while acting in an undercover capacity.

Now retired from law enforcement Tom created Front Strike Self-Defense & Survival as a platform to empower private citizens to stand up and defend themselves when confronted by a threat, be it man-made or in the form of a natural disaster.  You have the right to defend yourself!  Front Strike Self-Defense & Survival provides training to help you do just that. We provide private training sessions for individuals, families, private companies, organizations, and business.  We also host seminars and training courses on various self-defense and survival topics.


Dealing with a threat, be it a violent attacker, criminal activity, or a natural disaster, is a scary proposition.  The more we train now the better prepared we are for such an encounter.  Take control of your own destiny and refuse to be a victim!