If you need to chop, clear, pound, pry or demo something, the Hammer Axe is the perfect solution for you. With 10 tools built into one, it equips you with the versatility that very few tools can. At 19.5 inches in length, the Hammer Axe provides you with enough leverage for serious power, but is light weight enough to be easily handled. The ergonomically ribbed rubber fits comfortably in your hand, while providing the stability needed during serious jobs. The black oxide coated axe head is heat treated and extremely durable

Off Grid Tools Hammer Axe

SKU: MT-1114108
    • Axe head, pry bar, hammer head and nail claw
    • Spanner wrench and tire chain hook
    • Shock absorbing grip and fiberglass handle
    • Designed for camping, demolition and everyday use
    • 19.5 inches in length

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