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    The Ready America Water Bottle Survival Kit, Basic has the basic survival supplies you need for emergencies. It comes in a 32 oz. BPA free water bottle, with a first-aid kit, 400 calorie food bar, and more for your basic survival. Recommended for 1 person for 1 day. Great for storing in your car, backpack, or for traveling and trips, this kit is very light and easily transported.

    Ready America Water Bottle Survival Kit

    SKU: MT-4002272
      • Includes: 32 ounce water bottle, 400 calories food bar, plastic whistle
      • Emergency poncho and emergency survival blanket
      • Box of waterproof matches, 12 hour green light sticks, 18 piece first aid kit
      • Label for basic water bottle survival kit
      • Great for the car or traveling