• RUGGED, LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO APPLY | This nylon tourniquet is designed to stop bleeding in moments | easy to apply, the aluminum windlass will never snap or break and is quickly secured to hold fast
  • A CRITICAL PIECE OF ANY HOME OR OUTDOOR FIRST AID KIT | Emergencies, accidents and severe cuts can cause dramatic and sudden blood loss | this essential medical tool can stop the bleeding in just moments to allow proper transportation and treatment of the injury
  • QUICK LOCK VELCRO STRAPS AND TIME MARKER | Once in place the white tip strap allows a time notation for Emergency Personnel to know when it should be adjusted or checked
  • USED BY EMT, PARAMEDICS AND FIRST RESPONDERS TO STOP BLEEDING | When emergency first aid is needed outdoors while climbing, hiking, running, riding, racing or hunting, this compact black nylon tourniquet can prevent serious trauma from becoming life threatening


SKU: FAP-001