Wise Foods 84 Serving Breakfast Entrée Grab N Go Gluten Free kit assures your family has the food they need in emergency situations with this Wise long term food storage bucket. With eight servings each of 10 tasty meals sealed in individual packets, you will have enough to feed your family of four for one week. This emergency food storage pack is an ultra portable and storable solution for your food storage needs. The stackable containers make it easy to store multiple containers in a shelter, garage, or warehouse while the meals are stored in sealed packets, ensuring they remain fresh and protected until they are ready for use. Keep a container in the trunk of your car to ensure that you are prepared in case emergencies occur during travel or inclement weather.


SKU: MT-4006503
    • 3 servings per day for one adult for four weeks, or 4 adults for one week
    • Meals come in sealed packets
    • 84 servings bucket
    • Easily transportable
    • Stores up to 25 years

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