Front Strike Self-Defense training courses are open to persons 18 years of age and up.  Ages 16-18 require a signature from a parent or guardian, under 16 years of age require parent or guardian participation in training.
Concealed Carry Certification Course
Front Strike Self-Defense offers concealed carry certification courses in New Mexico.  Completion of the course allows attendees to apply for their concealed carry license. Training includes firearms safety, threat identification, handgun manipulation & deployment, combat shooting techniques, post shooting considerations, legal updates, and much more.

Self-Defense & Survival Products

Front Strike Self-Defense & Survival has self-defense and survival products available for purchase in our online store.  Shipping is free.

Self-Defense & Victim Prevention Seminars
We offer self-defense training in the form of seminars as well as private training available to individuals, families, business, and organizations.  This training covers topics ranging from threat identification, to striking, joint manipulation, escapes, and weapon disarming techniques.

Home & Business Defense Training

We at Front Strike Self-Defense strongly believe in you, your family, and your employees right to be secure in your residence and your place of employment.  We offer training on addressing threats inside and outside of these locations to include crime prevention techniques, dealing with aggressive customers, all the way up to active shooters.